WA Interpreters Wants an Unfair System. Why?

interpretingWorks, L&I’s new online scheduling system, went live today. 

Many interpreters, ourselves included, have concerns about the new system.

That’s one reason we’re forming a union of L&I Interpreters, so we can have a voice in how the system works and make sure it’s serving us interpreters.

WA Interpreters Wants an Unfair System. Why?

A small group of agency owners and direct billers calling itself WA Interpreters has been doing everything it can to prevent the new online scheduling system from launching.


The way L&I appointments used to be distributed is unfair. A small group kept most of the money while the majority of interpreters split the pennies.

WA Interpreters wants to go back to the old way of doing things.

Most interpreters agree with us. They want a system that is fair for all interpreters.

They know that we can gain far more for our profession by joining together to fight for the good of everybody rather than just the few.

The new scheduling system is designed to fix this unfair system. However, to truly have a voice in how this system will work, we must join together to form a union.

L&I interpreters deserve fairness and respect. 
Say YES to forming a union by signing a card.