How Soon Can L&I Interpreters Get a Union Contract?

How soon can L&I interpreters get a union contract?

If we do not avoid unnecessary delays, we could have to wait until July 2025 for the security, respect and job improvements that come with a union contract.  

Check out the graphic below to see why it's so important that we avoid delays and have an election as soon as possible.

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L&I Interpreters Want a Contract Now!

Cooperation Not Competition

“I want fair and equal distribution of appointments for all, 1-hour minimums, as well as payment for cancellations and no-shows.

“Having a union with WFSE gives us the power to negotiate for those things with Labor and Industries.

“With a democratic union we can build a culture of solidarity for interpreters where we are not competing with each other over appointments.”

Voting for a Fair Rate

“I’m voting for Interpreters United (WFSE) for a fair rate, fair working conditions and to get paid for what we have scheduled.”

A few new pictures from our Vote Interpreters United (WFSE) Petition. Thanks for the support! 

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