When: Saturday, Jan 6, 2018, 9:00am - 4:00pm

South Seattle Community College Georgetown Campus
6737 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108


There is no workforce in the state of Washington that has more at stake in decisions made by the Legislature than state employees.

  • The Legislature has control over our wages, benefits, and pensions.
  • The Legislature adopts a state budget that determines the funding level for the services we provide.
  • The Legislature considers countless bills every year that can have an impact on everything from our working conditions to our job security.

As individuals we are powerless, but through our union we have a voice. State employees have the most vibrant member lobbying program in the state. Why? Because we have a strong union in WFSE. Every year hundreds of WFSE members travel to Olympia and speak directly with their representatives. State employees know first-hand about the needs and importance of the services we provide. We are strong advocates for the services we provide. By meeting directly with lawmakers, we make a real difference.

State employees can tell the true story about how we serve the public everyday, about the resources we need to be able to provide these critical services, and about the importance of being able to recruit and retain high-quality workforce.

Lobby training is a fun way to learn how to get engaged and be an effective advocate for the public, our families and for ourselves.


PLEASE RSVP By DECEMBER 20, 2017 to reserve your space and to request travel accommodations.

Council 28 will pay for airfare and/or mileage. If overnight lodging is required, please contact your local president for approval prior to making your request. Anyone needing special accommodations should also make their requests online. Breakfast and lunch are provided, but we cannot guarantee meals for members who don’t RSVP online by December 20, 2017.