CWU Bargaining Update #1 - June 21, 2024

Please read the message below from your bargaining team, and don’t forget to fill out the Bargaining Survey to ensure we know what your priorities are!

Your Voice Matters: Tell Us What’s Most Important to You

Bargaining Update #1

Bargaining for your 2025-2027 contracts with Central Washington University will kick off on July 23. Your elected bargaining team and university management will get together to discuss various aspects of the upcoming contract, including job security, compensation, vacation/leave, and more. 

Based on the contract proposals you submitted, your bargaining team will be proposing a wide range of edits and additions to our bargaining agreement. Our goal is to make CWU the employer of choice for the positions we represent; with fair and livable wages and benefits to keep pace with other Washington employers and private sector positions. We believe that the work of CWU employees is valuable and should be treated as such, with fair compensation and benefits that retain current employees and draw new talent to the university.

We will continue to fight for your rights, working to ensure a better workplace for all employees at Central Washington University. 

A solid contract is especially valuable considering the impacts of inflation and other financial strains in Ellensburg, Kittitas County and Washington. The workers who make CWU’s prestigious facilities function deserve the best benefits possible, keeping up with the options that workers could get at private workplaces. 

Remember — CWU works because we do! 

So what’s next? 

Your bargaining team will be meeting on July 22 to do our final preparation for negotiations. We start bargaining with CWU on July 23rd and July 24th, and will present our initial full comprehensive proposals (non-compensation and compensation). We’re asking you to wear union swag (WFSE green, your Local shirts, anything union!) on July 23rd. Show management we’re sticking together, and we mean business!  

What we need from you: 

We need you to fill out your bargaining survey by July 1, so we know what’s most important to you. Your answers can help determine our priorities for this bargaining session.  

For more resources, make sure to check out our bargaining toolkit. The toolkit has everything from virtual backgrounds to printable posters. Reach out to your Council Representative to get some of these materials.