CCC Bargaining Update #4 - June 14 and June 18, 2024

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Our Hard Work is Not Being Reciprocated

As we approach the halfway point of bargaining, we are feeling fatigued, irritated and angry.

Our team is doing hard work. We're coming to the table prepared and ready to do everything we can to make this contract strong and useful. We are not being met in our efforts.

OFM has consistently approached the table with ambiguity and a lack of preparation—even when our lead negotiator adequately prepares requests. We have spent numerous days preparing thorough proposals and counter-proposals. These have been met with circular logic and lack-luster responses from management.

Members at Seattle Central Community College supporting their team for a strong contract

It's disrespectful and negligent. Our members are depending on this contract to help them provide for their families, cope with inflation and rising cost of living, and maintain quality services for students. We have serious work to get done, and we feel our time is being wasted.

Management is showing us with their actions that they’re not taking this seriously. We are halfway through this bargaining process, and next month we’re getting into the hardest part: compensation.

This level of disrespect is insulting to us as state workers.

Success Depends on All of Us
We are doing our best to use time effectively and to keep pushing conversations forward about critical issues like internal transfers, layoffs and recall, exchange time, sick pay, equipment allowances, and more.

We’re committed to doing everything we can to make our contract a better tool in advocating for ourselves and each other. We all deserve fairness in how we are treated and paid. Your team is not backing down—but we need you to have our backs.

Management is only going to take this process with the seriousness it deserves if they know our members are engaged and active. We're calling on you to take action. Reach out to a coworker and make sure they know what's happening at the table. Submit a photo and quote to raise visibility on why we need a strong contract. Visit our 2025-2027 Contract Negotiations landing page to learn about how negotiations work, and download social media graphics, flyers, and posters to support your bargaining team.

Success depends on all of us.

A strong contract is a powerful tool in addressing burnout!

Get Involved for a Fair Contract!

Our success at the table depends on our collective engagement with the campaign. Here's what you can do to help:

  • Complete the bargaining survey by June 28 so we know what you want us to fight for.
  • Submit a photo and quote about why you need a strong contract. This will encourage other members to engage as well!
  • Know any coworkers who aren't members yet? Encourage them to join so they can vote on our new contract when it's time.
  • Download the contract campaign toolkit and use the signs, Zoom/Teams backgrounds, and social media profile pics to bring attention to bargaining.
  • Stay connected and in the loop with the contract campaign website.

In solidarity,

Your 2025-2027 Bargaining Team

  • Tonya Rehberg, Community Colleges of Spokane
  • Ward Kaplan, Community Colleges of Spokane
  • Kimi Hanson, Everett Community College
  • Scott Beals, Green River Community College
  • Amanda Clifford, Green River Community College
  • Tracy Stanley, Lower Columbia College
  • Tom Cline, Peninsula Community College
  • Thuy Nguyen, North Seattle College
  • Diane Ellis, Seattle Central College
  • James Ellis, Seattle Colleges District
  • James 'Ric' Doike-Foreman, Shoreline Community College
  • Sandy Long, South Seattle College
  • Patricia Hermoso, Tacoma Community College
  • Michael Greenhouse, Tacoma Community College
  • Dan Andreason, Whatcom Community College