Liquor Enforcement Officers’ Lobby Day builds support for general authority bill


At Liquor Control Board Lobby Day (from left): Brandon Anderson, WFSE/AFSCME organizer; and Diana Peters, Josh Bolender, Lorn Richey and Dean Lambert, all Local 304

Federation Liquor Enforcement Officers with the state Liquor Control Board spent the day in Olympia building support for pending Federation-initiated legislation that would give them the authority to enforce the mandates voters approved when they privatized liquor sales and legalized recreational use of small amounts of marijuana.

You’ll be hearing more about this bill when it’s introduced.

But the officers got a good reception at a brown-bag meeting with key legislators, including the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Luis Moscoso of the 1st Dist., Rep. Mike Hope of the 44th Dist., Rep. Dave Hayes of the 10th Dist., Rep. Jeff Holy of the 6th Dist., Rep. Larry Haler of the 8th Dist., Rep. Sam Hunt of the 22nd Dist., Rep. Dean Takko of the 19th Dist., Rep. Sharon Wylie of the 49th Dist. and Rep. Timm Ormsby of the 3rd Dist. Staff from several other legislators’ offices also attended.

So a good day for the Federation’s newest law enforcement members.


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